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11/23/15 - 4thQ 2015 CIRT Sentiment Index at 57.6 Confirms Downward Trend in CEO’s Confidence That Markets Will Remain Strong

Economic News

11/11/15 - Unemployment Numbers Improve Overall in October, But Construction Jobs Ebb with Fall

Economic News

11/02/15 - September Construction at $1,094.2 Billion Annual Rate

Economic News

10/29/15 - GDP Slows in Third Quarter

Regulatory News

10/21/15 - Federal Agency Seeking Nominations for Climate Change Advisory Committee [Opportunity]

Economic News

10/02/15 - Unemployment Numbers Remain Steady, But Participation Rates Fall to Nearly 40-Yr Low

Legislative News

10/02/15  Bill Seeking to Eliminate Unfair Government Competition with Private Sector Firms is Re-introduced

Legislative News

10/01/15 – Tax Reform for International Earnings May be Paired with Highway Bill

Legislative / Regulatory News UPDATE

9/28/15Regulatory Streamlining Legislation Wins Approval in House

Economic News

9/04/15 – Unemployment Figures Show Improvement for Aug ’15, But a Slowing Trend in New Jobs

Business News

9/01/15 – July Construction at $1,083.4 Billion Annual Rate Well Above 2014 Levels

Regulatory News UPDATE

8/28/15 Federal Judge in ND Blocks Controversial “Waters of U.S.” Rule

Business News

8/28/15 - NLRB Ruling Could Affect Relationships with Subcontractors on Projects

Regulatory News UPDATE

8/27/15 Department of Labor Proposed Change to “Salaried” Employee Pay Threshold Comment Period Nears Close 

Business News/CIRT News
8/20/15 CIRT 2015 3rd Q Sentiment Index Released...Construction Business Down

Economic News
 July ’15 Employment Stays Same – But, Construction Improves

Economic News
– Construction Spending Continues on the Rise in June

Legislative News
Patch Likely for “Pothole” in Highway Trust Fund

Business / Regulatory News  UPDATE
7/07/2015 – DoL Releases Proposed Rule on Overtime for Salaried Employees

Business News
– Overtime Rule Changes for SALARIED Employees Proposed

Economic News
– June ’15 Employment Looks Better – But, Participation Rate Decrease May Account for the Change

Economic News
– May 2015 Construction at $1,035.8 Billion Annual Rate


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