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The following represent the results of various polls taken by CIRT of its CEO members since 2012. Multi-question polls are described by their issue background. 


  • December 2012Fiscal Cliff: With news in late ‘12 dominated by the so-called “fiscal cliff” issue, members were asked their impression as to its impact if the worst case scenario had occurred.  Fully 64% (almost two in three) believed “major problems with real disruptions affecting public projects” would result, while 22% thought only “modest disruption” causing some project displacements would likely occur.  As to the length of impact from the disruptions, the vast major thought it would be 12-18 months (44%) or 6-12 months (31%).
  • 4th Quarter 2012OFCCP Experiences: The members were asked about the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program interactions/encounters, to wit they responded that only 31% had a recent experience (w/in 12-24 months) and of those an overwhelming 82% characterized the experience as rigorous and/or aggressive with respect to OFCCP’s requirements and expectations.
  • 3rd Quarter 2012Policy Matters: Series of questions were posed aimed at the political external landscape facing the members (a) Construction Funding Sources – Members saw much less use of bank loans (33%), and much more use of  P3 (51%) and contractor participation (53%); (b) Fee & Profit Margin Trends – Only industrial/petrochemical markets are seeing fee increases, all others are still experiencing downward press and heightened competition; and (c) Bankruptcies: Expectations/Trends – The overall trend is not up yet, but expected, most often caused by: (1) economic weakness, (2) insufficient capital/profits, and (3) project losses/poor field performance.
  • 2nd Quarter 2012 -- External Challenges: CIRT members were asked a series of questions aimed at the political external landscape facing the members (a) Global Economic Issues – Top three: increasing inflation, displacement of the $ as the world reserve currency, and sustained high price of oil; (b) U.S. Election Issues – The three most important: reform/reduce overall cost impact of entitlement programs, repair failing infrastructure, and reduce federal regulatory “red tape;” and (c) First steps to recovery (if President) – (1) tax reform, (2) focus on infrastructure, and (3) entitlement reform.  In sum, cut costs, reduce waste, be more productive, and balance the budget.
  • 1st Quarter 2012Hiring/Market Expectations for 2012: Among the business issues/matters were: (a) Hiring Expectations in the Coming Year: 45% expect to increase FTEs up to 5%; (b) Key consideration – work load and seeking highly skilled employees, while less than 20% percentage will be rehires; (c) Overall Construction Outlook for 2012: 42% see modest growth of 0.5-2.5%; and (d) Owners steps to reduce/control project costs: 20%-change delivery to design/build, 14% for both moving to “best value” and involving CM/contractor earlier.
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