Public Policy

Leaders of the design/construction industry, as represented by the Construction Industry Round Table, seek careful and sound development of public policies in collaboration with the design/ construction community in such significant areas as:

•    Infrastructure: The nation’s infrastructure needs are serious and real, yet they receive too low a priority on the public agenda and thus call for a sufficient commitment of resources, workforce, and innovative funding approaches.•    Public-Private Partnerships: With the complexity of projects ever increasing, and the desire to have efficient, innovative, and timely completion, establishing stronger under-standings and communications through the use of the private sector in partnership with public entities is an essential ingredient to success.

•    Workforce Development: Putting teamwork and trust back into the complex construction process is the first step in attracting the next generation of workers to the industry.  Identifying, training, and retaining qualified skilled employees can be assisted by sound public policy in such areas as: immigration, education, health care, and pension programs.

•    Positive Business Environment: Public policies in such areas as taxation, regulation, and litigation that encourage and nurture return on risk (i.e. “profit”) rather then hinder, are quintessential to the creative, innovative, and job creating engine that is represented by the entrepreneurial spirit of the design/construction community. 

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