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Leaders of the design/construction industry, as represented by the Construction Industry Round Table, advocates for and seeks careful and sound development of public policies in collaboration with the design/ construction community in such significant areas as:
  • Infrastructure
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Workforce Development
  • Positive Business Environment


The Construction Industry Round Table (CIRT) is comprised of the Chief Executive Officers and Senior Leaders of Construction Companies and Architectural-Engineering Professional Service Firms actively engaged in the design and construction of critical United States infrastructure. From this unique perspective, CIRT endorses the following objectives for a bold infrastructure plan for our country; and encourages Congress and the Administration to act thoughtfully, comprehensively, and swiftly to fill the entirety of the nation’s infrastructure needs.

 Objective 1: “FUNDING PRIORITY”: Organize and expand funding and finance methods in a manner that matches the magnitude of the infrastructure investment gap (with seven strategies articulated).

 Objective 2: “STREAMLINING”: Minimize risk and cost through reducing and coordinating redundant and/or conflicting procurement, permitting, reviews, and approval methods; without undermining legitimate safety/environmental protections and safeguards (with four strategies articulated).

 Objective 3: “INNOVATION”: Promote innovation through use of emerging technologies, methods, and material advancements (with three strategies articulated).

 Objective 4: “PRIORITIZING PROJECTS”: Select high-value infrastructure projects across all sectors/needs that correspond/match best against a well-defined set of federal policy objectives (with three strategies articulated); and

 Objective 5: “TALENT/WORKFORCE”: Attract, develop, and retain a quality private sector workforce necessary to deliver on the essential infrastructure projects (with five strategies articulated).

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